Reading Lately


I’m a reader. Books, blogs, magazines, long form, short form. Words, words, words.

But books are my favorite. Fiction and non. Real characters and invented. There is nothing like getting lost in a good book.

Here are some books I’ve read lately.

The Girl You Left Behind
JoJo Moyes writes compelling stories are that aren’t overdrawn. Art, history, Paris are all wrapped up in this story.

All the Light We Cannot See
Hands down, my favorite book in recent memory. Big and sweeping. Wonderful characters. It’s long, but worth it.

Gilead, Home, Lila
Every sentence in this trilogy feels important and weighty. I’ve thought about these books a million times since finishing Gilead, the first. All should be on every must-read list.

Station Eleven
Dystopian, end-of-the-world, Hunger Game-y, but with Shakespeare and Bach thrown in for good measure.


Scary Close
Good and needed in all the best ways.

The Grave Robber
This one stretched me a ton. And I gobbled it up in just a few days.

It Was Me All Along
Honest and heartbreaking at times, but wonderful all the same.

The Art of Asking
Amanda Palmer’s life could not be more different than mine, but that’s the joy of reading, right? Cringe-worthy at times, there are some important points on creativity and community here, points I desperately needed to read. Her TED talk on vulnerability and asking for help has been viewed over 8 million times.

These are on the shelf to read:

The Man Called Ove
If You Find This Letter
Go Set A Watchman
Girl on the Train
So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed

Whether you are in a coffee shop or on a beach or curled up on the couch, happy reading!
I’m always, always, always looking for good books so tell me, what have you been reading lately?

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