Seen and Liked

The internet is a big place, isn’t it? So why not narrow it down a bit?

Here are a few things seen and liked over the past few weeks:

Till Death Do Us Part – Be warned, this is a little hard to read, but important. I was outraged, sad, moved, and everything in between.

The Price of Great Nails – Don’t let this title turn you away. All I can say is, who in the world knew?! Shocked. Shocked.

If We Win Again, We Will Be One Again – Bitter Southerner is a new favorite website. All the stories here are amazing. But living so close to Atlanta and being a diehard Braves fan, this one hit home a bit. Very interesting take on the Hawks, the Braves, moving out of the city, and race relations.

When You Feel You Are Not Enough – Much, much needed.

On Bethlehem & The Beginning of Something – I wanted to jump up and down and shout, “Yes! I know! I feel the same way!” Brilliant thoughts

And because every posts needs a good recipe, this pasta sounds delicious. On the docket to cook for sure.

Enjoy, friends!

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