Winter Reading

Summer reading is a thing. Why not winter reading? I’m not exactly sure what qualifies as a book one would read in the winter in the same we thing about beach reads, but either way, here is what I’ve been reading these past few months.

Warning: LOTS of non-fiction ahead. I can’t explain why. Maybe that’s winter reading. Currently taking recommendations on some over the top novels. I think I need one.

Here’s what I’ve read so far in January and February:

When Breath Becomes Air – Clear your reading list and put this at the top. Seriously. One of the most endearing, beautiful, haunting books I’ve ever read. Please do not let the book description make you sad and steer you away. It is hopeful and lovely. This will be one I recommend for a long, long time.

The Power of Habit – This book has been around a while, but I really wanted to read it at the start of the year. Don’t let the title fool you into thinking it is all scientific-y and hard to digest. It is surprisingly easy to read. This book really opened my eyes to how habits form unconsciously or not.

David & Goliath – What can I say? It is another great book by Gladwell. Again, it’s been around a while, but this one is pretty classic. I didn’t love it as much as some of his others, but it is still a worthy read.

Why Not Me? – I can say nothing other than, WRITTEN BY MINDY KALING!! Speaks for itself.

The Silver Chair – I am reading through the Chronicles of Narnia series and feel like I could spend years with these little books. Incredible, as they have been for years and years. They need no words from little ‘ole me, for sure.

Between the World and Me – Deep breath. First of all, let me say, this book is BEAUTIFULLY written. Take-your-breath-away beautiful. Think if Kendrick Lamar wrote a book. There is a cadence to his work, as if you were listening to a poet read it out loud. It is short – only around 150 pages – but rich. He tackles some tough issues surrounding race in this country and for that reason, it can be a punch in the gut. I am clearly a middle class white girl from the suburbs. I have no framework for some of the issues Coates presents in this book. In a way, this makes the book all the more important.

Currently reading. More to come:

Small Victories
The Comeback

On to Spring reading, if that is a thing. How about let’s make that a thing?


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