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I believe a good story can cure almost all things. I believe a good meal can hit the reset button on any day. I believe anyone can wear the color navy. I believe lake, rivers and oceans are good for the soul. I believe summer is the best time of year. I believe in running toward the mess rather than away. I believe in family, friends and strangers that will become friends. I believe in death to life. I believe grace, grace, grace.

And I believe these things for you too.

I started writing in this little corner of the internet at the encouragement of friends that saw something in me I could not see in myself. My goal was simply to tell the stories I heard my whole life around kitchen tables and living rooms, with my tears, my joy. As with anything, it has evolved to books and faith and sports and really anything else at the top of my heart.

This has healed me. I hope you find that to be true to.

Love, Amanda


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